Sony A99 II Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

Sony has announced the Sony A99 II Release date and price of the Amount flagship equipment in the country.

Understand the Amount steady shooting effectiveness, a hybrid phase variation that is newly-developed and fastest of AF detection AF system

Sony A99 II Release date
Sony A99 II Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

79 items (* 1) and only the stage difference AF indicator, the world biggest (* 2) 399 details (* 3) image plane phase difference developed a fresh hybrid cycle variation diagnosis AF method AF sensor is influenced in the same period. Wide-densely organized two AF sensors of the AF reliability, by running rate, trackability that was significantly improved. Furthermore AF · AE follow-up having a powerful about 42.4 million pixel high-resolution (* 4) high-speed constant firing all the way to about 12 frames / minute (* 5) can be possible.

Overwhelming high resolution through the efficient about 42.4 million pixels back- illuminated CMOS sensor plus a newly-developed front end LSI -Sony A99 II Release date

Sony A99 II Release date
Sony A99 II Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

Sony A99 II Release date Built With the sensor of 35mm full-size back-lit. Lighting series productivity is tremendously improved, supplies a wide selection of sensitivity selection of popular with a high resolution ISO100 25600, extension ISO50-102400 (*). In addition to high speed front end, LSI and image processing motor BIONZ X is cooperation, continues to be reached with less disturbance overwhelming sensation of texture and decision represented within the method sensitivity selection.

High res efficiency pulls a five- body while in the camera shake correction procedure – Sony A99 II release date

The newly-developed full size 5 Jikute that is equivalent move correction mechanism for A-bracket. Along with the direction shake (Frequency / Yaw), Shifutobure (X / Y), within the 5-axis of rotation shake (Throw), correctly identify and correct the high-precision gyro indicator is okay move. To achieve the correction effect of up to 4.5-level (*). To compensate for camera shake within the same five-axis actually at that time as well as movie shooting.

Condensing the wonderful operability and high reliability in a physique that is small – Sony A99 II Release date

Sony A99 II Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

Entirely review the format of the internal procedure, obtain a size ratio of 8% of the downsizing inside the α99 rate. Furthermore viewfinder magnification 0.78 times that of a high-performance viewfinder and light and robustness to exceptional magnesium alloy body, such as the ownership of leading multiple-operator that could intuitively adjust the colorful setting, reduced into a compact body outstanding operability and high stability Did.

Number of video features to meet up the high-resolution request that is qualified and 4K video – Sony A99 two Release date

Sony A99 II Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

Occasionally from the all and super 35mm – pixel reading, know 4K video quality that features an overwhelming decision. Also additionally, helps 4K videorecording while in the full-size place. Furthermore, effective at fast forward shooting as well as the slow-turning shooting all the way to a maximum of five instances as much as 60 times the most and “Sluggish & Fast Activity,” picture pages, such as gamma screen assist purpose, many different movie characteristics to guide the video creation of qualified mounting.

Specification of Sony A99 II Release date

General specification
ModelInterchangeable lens type digital camera
Use lensSony A-mount lens, Minolta / Konica Minolta α lens
The imaging unit
Imaging element35mm full size (35.9 × 24.0mm), Exmor R CMOS sensor
Camera Effective PixelsAbout 42.4 million pixels
Total pixelsAbout 43.6 million pixels
Image pickup device aspect ratio3: 2
Anti-dust function
Anti-dust systemBy antistatic coat and an image sensor shift drive
Anti-dust workingCleaning mode execution time
Color filterRGB primary color filter
Still image recording
Image file formatJPEG (DCF Ver.2.0, Exif Ver.2.31, MPF Baseline) compliant, RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format)
The number of recorded pixels [3: 2]35mm full size during the L size: 7952 x 5304 (42M), M size: 5168 x 3448 (18M), S size: 3984 X 2656 (11M)
APS-C when L size: 5168 x 3448 (18M), M size: 3984 x 2656 (11M), S size: 2592 x 1728 (4.5M)
The number of recorded pixels [16: 9]35mm full size during the L size: 7952 x 4472 (36M), M size: 5168 x 2912 (15M), S size: 3984 X 2240 (8.9M)
APS-C when L size: 5168 x 2912 (15M), M size : 3984 x 2240 (8.9M), S size: 2592 x 1456 (3.8M)
The number of recorded pixels [Sweep Panorama]Wide: the left and right direction 12,416 x 1,856 (23M), the up-down direction 5,536 x 2,160 (12M), standard: the left and right direction 8,192 x 1,856 (15M), the up-down direction 3,872 x 2,160 (8.4M)
Image quality modeRAW, RAW + JPEG, JPEG Extra Fine, JPEG Fine, JPEG Standard
Picture effect8 Type: toy camera (normal, cool, warm, green, magenta), pop color, posterization (color, black-and-white), retro photo, soft high-key, part color (R / G / B / Y), high-contrast black and white, rich tone black-and-white
Creative styleStandard, Vivid, neutral, clear, deep, light, portrait, landscape, sunset, night view, autumn leaves, black-and-white, sepia, style box 1-6
(contrast <± 3 stage>, saturation <± 3 stage>, sharpness < ± 3 stage>)
Dynamic range functionOff, D-range optimizer (auto / level setting <Lv1-5>),
Auto HDR (exposure difference Auto / exposure difference level setting <1.0EV every six stages between 1.0-6.0EV>)
Color space“Bird Luminous Color” corresponding sRGB standard (sYCC color gamut), AdobeRGB standard
Erase function
Video recording system
File recording methodXAVC S, AVCHD standard Ver.2.0 compliant, MP4
Compression formatXAVC S: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, AVCHD: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, MP4: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
Audio recording systemXAVC S: LPCM 2ch, AVCHD: Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2ch, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator equipped, MP4: MPEG-4 AAC-LC 2ch
Erase function
Detecting schemeTTL phase difference detection method
Detection elementDetection element 1: CCD line sensors
detecting element 2: the image plane phase difference sensor
Ranging pointsDetection element one seventy-nine points (cross-type 15-point,
the central one point F2.8 luminous flux corresponding)
detection element 2: 399 points (optional 323 points, Ha
Lee Brides cross-type AF points 79 points *)
* hybrid phase difference detection AF during operation
Detection brightness rangeDetection element 1: Central area EV-4-18 (ISO 100 equivalent, at the time of F2.8 lens used)
Focus modeAuto Focus / Manual Focus
AF modeSingle (AF-S), AF control automatic switching (AF-A), direct manual focus, continuous (AF-C)
Focus areaWide, zone, center, flexible spot, extended flexible spot, lock-on AF (wide / zone / center / flexible spot / expansion flexible spot)
Eye Start AF
Lock-on AF
Eye AF
Other featuresMoving object prediction (AF-A, AF-C), focus lock, AF-on, eye-start AF
AF auxiliary light
AF range control
AF fine tuning
Exposure control
Metering1200 split Live View analysis photometry
Photometry elementExmor R CMOS sensor
Photometry rangeEV-2- EV17 (ISO100 equivalent, when F1.4 lens used)
Metering modeMulti-metering, center-weighted metering, spot metering standard / large (focus position interlocking / center), the entire screen average metering, highlight-weighted metering
Exposure modeAUTO (Random Auto), program AE (P), Aperture Priority AE (A), shutter speed priority AE (S), manual (M) mode, registration call (MR1 / 2/3), Sweep Panorama, videos / Slow & Quick motion shooting (program auto, aperture priority, shutter speed priority, manual exposure, selectable)
Scene Selection
Exposure compensation± 5.0EV (1 / 3EV, 1 / 2EV step can be selected.)
Exposure BracketingSingle shooting / continuous shooting, three / five selected during the shift amount: 1 / 3,1 / 2,2 / 3,1.0,2.0,3.0EV step, the amount of shift at the nine selected: 1 / 3,1 / 2,2 / 3,1.0EV step
AE lockAE lock by AE lock button, the shutter is pressed halfway during the AE lock (Auto, On, Off selectable)
ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index)During still image shooting: ISO100-25600 (extension: lower limit ISO50, upper limit ISO102400), AUTO (ISO100-6400, upper / lower limit can be set)
video shooting: ISO100-25600 equivalent, AUTO (equivalent ISO100-6400, upper / lower limit setting Possible)
format1.3cm (0.5-inch) electronic view finder
Total dot count2,359,296 dot
Brightness adjustment functionAuto, manual (5 stage)
Color temperature adjustment function5 stage
Field of viewHundred percent
magnificationAbout 0.78 times (50mm lens, infinity, -1M -1 )
Diopter adjustment function (diopter)Tasu 3.0M -4.0- -1
Eye pointAbout 23mm from the final optical surface, about from the eyepiece frame 18.5mm (diopter M -1 -1 ) (CIPA standard)
Display functionReal-time reflection of the shooting histogram display, setting value, digital level, grid lines (divided into three parts, grid, diagonal + grid, off), focus expansion, peaking (level: high / medium / low / off, color: red / yellow / white), zebra, gamma display assist
LCD Monitor
format7.5cm (3.0-inch) TFT drive
Touch panel
Number of dots1 228 800 dot
Brightness adjustment functionAuto, manual (5 stage), outdoor fine weather
Shooting Information DisplayGraphic display / full information display / information display None / histogram / level / viewfinder for shooting
Angle adjustment functionTilt: 134 ° to the top, front to 180 °
rotation: in the drawer state, further 180 ° to the right, 90 ° to the left
Screen display switchGraphic display, all of the information display, information no display, level, histogram, for viewfinder shooting
Real-time reflection of the setting valueON / OFF
Focus Check function● (35mm full size during the 7.8X, 15.5X
APS-C during 5.1x, 10.1x)
(Custom 1-2
criteria + width / lower limit can be set)
Peaking● (high / medium / low / off) (Color: Red / yellow / white)
formatFocal plane shutter Electronically controlled vertical-run
Shutter speed rangeDuring still image shooting: 1 / 8000-30 seconds, valve,
when shooting movies: 1 / 8000-1 / 4 (1/3 step), until AUTO 1/60, until the auto slow shutter 1/30
Flash sync speed1/250 sec
The electronic front curtain shutter● (On / Off)
Camera shake correction function
methodImage sensor shift method 5-axis correction
Correction effect4.5-stage (CIPA standard compliant. Pitch / yaw direction, SAL 135F18Z when mounted, when the noise reduction off when long-time)
Drive modeSingle shooting, continuous shooting (Hi + / Hi / Mid / Lo switchable), (possible 10/5/2 seconds selection) self-timer, self-timer continuous (after 10/5/2 seconds, three / five selectable ), continuous bracket, one bracket, white balance bracket, DRO bracket
Continuous shooting speed * 1Hi + time: up to approximately 12 frames / sec, Hi at the time: up to approximately 8 frames / sec., Mid at the time: up to about 6 frames / sec, Lo at the time: up to approximately 4 frames / sec.
Continuous number of possible shots * 1 * 2Continuous shooting Hi + time: 60 sheets JPEG L size Extra Fine, 63 sheets Fine, 64 sheets Standard, 54 sheets RAW, RAW + JPEG 54 sheets, RAW (uncompressed) 25 sheets, RAW (uncompressed) + JPEG 24 sheets
continuous shooting Hi time: 65 sheets JPEG L size Extra Fine, 71 sheets Fine, 74 sheets Standard, 57 sheets RAW, RAW + JPEG 56 sheets, RAW (uncompressed) 26 sheets, RAW (uncompressed) + 25 sheets JPEG
Power supply
Use batteryRechargeable battery pack NP-FM500H
Still picture the number of possible shotsFinder is used: about 390 sheets
using the LCD monitor at the time: about 490 sheets
(CIPA standard)
During the actual movie shooting * 3 * 4Finder is used: about 85 minutes,
using the LCD monitor at the time: about 85 minutes
(CIPA standard)
During continuous video shooting * 3 * 5Finder is used: about 135 minutes,
using the LCD monitor at the time: about 135 minutes
(CIPA standard)
Body in charge
External power supply (AC adapter)AC-PW10AM (sold separately)
Including the “Memory Stick PRO Duo” with batteryAbout 849g
only a main partAbout 770g
External dimensions
It does not contain mm protrusionAbout 142.6 x 104.2 x 76.1mm (width x height x depth)
accessoriesRechargeable Battery NP-FM500H, battery charger BC-VM10A, shoulder strap, body cap, accessory shoe cap, eye piece cup, micro USB cable