Nikon D400 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Review

New rumors are indicating that the D300s replacement is possibly going to be called the D500! Whatever it’s going to be called, it’s coming soon. The aging D300s has been discontinued in Japan.

Rumors of a Nikon D400 Release Date  have recently began to surface.  A couple of reputable sources, Thom Hogan and DPR forum user jeff-c, have alluded to a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor manufactured by Sony being placed in the D400. (via DPR)  While December 1 has been speculated as the announcement date for the past week or so, no confirmation has come yet.  jeff-c said that Nikon would announce a high-MP 135-size DSLR in about 45 days back around the end of October – so the first half of December looks pretty promising.Nikon D400 Release Date

Thinking back to a little over a year ago, the announcement of a D400 makes more sense.  Recall that last Fall, Nikon announced the D3 and D300 together.  Both cameras were shockers and solid performers.  Imagine what a D4 (or D3x) and a D400 combo would be like – with the D4 at 24+ megapixels on an FX sensor and the D400 as a 16 megapixel DX DSLR.

Additionally, the D400, when announced, would almost certainly have the ability to capture HD video like its sibling D90.  In fact, I would expect the D400 video capabilities to be closer to that of the Canon 5D Mark II with audio-out capabilities and full 1080p capture.

And, while the timing is a little shorter than typically seen in Nikon’s DSLR cycle, the early (i.e., 12 mos. cycle) announcement of the 15 megapixel Canon 50D may force Nikon’s hand with the D400.

If the Nikon D400 isn’t announced in December 2008, you can almost bank on it for PMA 2009 though.

Specs – Nikon D400 Release Date

As the D300s is a DX (APS-C crop factor) camera, it is some respects it is beaten by its lower valued brother, the D7000.

Therefore, it’s possible that the D400 will take on a full-frame sensor, making it more like a ‘mini’ D4, and setting it well apart from the D7000. One rumour has suggested that this could be the case and that the pixel count will be 16 million.

If Nikon does decide to stick with the APS-C route, it would seem likely that a high resolution would be on the cards, given the recent introduction of the 36 million pixel D800. Maybe 24 million pixels, as seen on the Sony a77 (who is known to manufacture Nikon sensors) will be the magic number.

Other rumoured specs include 6fps shooting and 95% viewfinder coverage. A suggestion has also arisen that it will only use a single CF card slot, once again rejecting the XQD format found in the D4.

Name – Nikon D400 Release Date

For months, if not years, the speculation is that the D300s replacement would be the D400, however, recently the suggestion has been that it would skip straight ahead to the D500.

Perhaps this will be to set it further apart from the D300, especially if it is going to be using a full-frame sensor.

Stay tuned for more details as and when they emerge.